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Therapeutic Unit

Our therapeutic unit can be found in the „E” building.The treatments are suitable mainly for to cure locomotor disorders and rheumatism. These are the followings:
• massage
• mud-cure
• effervescent bath
• underwater water-jet massage
• four-cell subdivision galvanic treatment
• TENS (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation)
• Magnetotherapy
• Ultrasound treatment

Therapeutic massage
Massage is one of the most ancient types of human medical treatments, and aims to improve the blood circulation in the given part of the body so as to loosen the rigid, bound muscles, painful contractures (myogelotic nodules). Massage is an intervention on the surface of the skin that involes systematic, dosed series of grips. It regenerates the flexibility of the skin and muscles, increases the performance of the muscles by improving circulation, and is also suitable for the enhancement of the flexibility of muscles.

Underwater water-jet massage
The underwater water-jet massage treatment is performed in rooms and bathtubs designed specifically for this purpose, and solely on medical advice.
The treatment aims at improving the strength and circulation of muscles near the joints with chronic degenerative diseases. It is favourable for peripheral circulation disorders, postoperative treatments.

Effervescent bath
The effervescent bath is the most suitable physiotherapy procedure for the treatment of peripheral circulation disorders, postoperative treatment after heart and other surgeries, venal insufficiency, diabetic blood vessel disorders, Raynaud syndrome. Due to its vessel dilation and sedative effect, it can also be applied advantageously to hypertonia and neurosis.

Mud treatment
The treatment is a well-proven medical method primarily for soft-tissue rheumatisms, chronic neuralgias, skin diseases (psoriasis), gynecologic diseases, follow-up treatment of broken limbs, as well as the prevention and treatment of joint crimps. Acute and semi-acute inflammatory processes are contra-indications for the treatment.
Four-cell subdivision galvanic treatment
The treatment is especially beneficial for joint complaints. A further advantage is that blood circulation is intensified with this treatment.

The treatment can be successfully applied to the alleviation of different pains, the treatment of rheumatic disorders, sporting injury rehabilitation, the strengthening of the immune system, the prevention of blood supply disorders, sleeping disorders, the allaying of stress and the enhancement of physical and intellectual capacities.

These cures can help to increase adaptability and they can improve the defensive or the well-being also. Treatments can heal many diseases, such as: locomotor disorders,gynecological diseases and can be succesfully applied to surgical aftercare.Prior medical examination is necessary


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